The Adventures of Popcorn and Jellybean, By Robert Gillespie

Let The Adventure Begin!

Doesn’t every child imagine adventure? Isn’t that much of what playtime is about? Conquering their territory? Figuring things out? The skills of succeeding, both in life and adventure.

This sweet story of friendship, is filled with little life lessons along the way; Taking care when on an adventure, knowing where you are—and how to get back, learning from the animals, expecting the unexpected.

Charming artwork that will appeal to all. It’s enjoyable to study the photos, picturing the surroundings, considering what is there that might come in handy.

The story is encouraging and entertaining. It inspires young children to explore on their own as well. A good reason to get away from home, head to a forest or the wilderness, and explore.

Prepare for Adventure

It is important to remember to gain knowledge before you head out as well. It would be a fun study for children to learn about using what is available to survive, how nature can guide them, what plants may or may not be edible.

This entry contains many lessons. You can find even more if you look. So many tips included. For instance, did you realize that the stem of a cattail plant made a tasty snack?

In a side note, the story shows how much time one must spend seeking food and supplies to survive. We are so used to walking to our pantries and pulling out what we want, after a stop at the grocery store. When you have nothing, it becomes a required task. So much we may take for granted.

I do hope there are more books to come that include Popcorn and Jellybean. The author can take it in so many directions, from where to find the knowledge and skills, to different settings for their adventures. See if the children in your lives aren’t inspired to have an adventure too! It’s a pleasure to read a book that will encourage kids to get outside and away from the technology that fills so much of our time today.

One thing I’d like to know: How did Popcorn and Jelly Bean meet in the first place to become friends?

The story makes me want to go for a walk in the woods. See if you don’t agree.

The Tour

Book Details:

Book Title: The Adventures of Popcorn and Jellybean by Robert Gillespie
Category: Children’s Fiction, 48 pages
Genre: Fantasy / Nature
Publisher: Page Publishing
Release date: July 2017
Tour dates: Jan 22 to Feb 2, 2018
Content Rating: G

Book Description:

Popcorn and Jellybean had never ventured down the path beyond the big tree. But since they never really did anything exciting, and even though it made them a little nervous at first, they decided it would be a fun adventure for a couple of days. What could possibly go wrong? Plenty, as it turned out, if the explorers were not prepared! Join them as they take on new challenges each day, learn how to survive by following the behaviors of the animals they encounter, and go where Mother Nature leads them. And who knows, maybe we could learn as well!


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Meet the Author:


Bob has spent more than 13 years as a wildlife conservation educator sharing information and animal encounters with audiences of all ages. He has a passion for teaching about a wide range of topics nature related and loves passing it along to his two sons. His youngest son, Colton, was the inspiration behind The Adventures of Popcorn and Jellybean, where it all started as a simple bedtime story. Bob currently resides in Carlsbad, California, and works as a professional interpreter guide at a world-renowned conservation organization.Connect with the Author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook


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  1. Thank you, Merry, for your review of our book. I really appreciate your perspective, and those observations were certainly some of the reasons for building the story the way we did. And yes, there is a sequel in process with the same publisher, and we are currently working on the third of the series.

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