9th Cycle Antarctica, by J C Ryan

JC Ryan’s “Rossler Foundation” Returns

A film crew goes missing in Antarctica in 2002, leaving little behind and no clue what happened. Except for a film that shows strange artifacts within the ice. The men are told never to speak of it again.

An Ancient Map

Professor Charles Summers learns of a map, one from the 1500’s, that shows Antarctica accurately—and without the ice that now covers it. A profound find since history shows no one knew of the ice covered land mass until centuries later. He turns to the Rossler Foundation for help, both with information and with funding.

That sparks Charles’ interest, just as it will the reader.  The mystery and starkness of the frozen ice, a possible unknown civilization that lived there so long before, the map itself…all add to the intrigue. Then there is the Orion group, a secret organization who wants to find the lost civilization, and its knowledge, for itself.

A combination of archaeology, history, and mystery, this thriller grabbed my attention right off the bat.

Who could have created the map? A missing civilization? Who were the people? Does it relate to the same people revealed in The 10th Cycle, book one in the series. How many ‘calamities’ had occurred that were powerful enough to destroy a population? How would they have managed mapping without equipment?


An expedition must go to the site. Quickly set up, it’s still well planned, except for the unknowns held within the ice. Any expedition to Antarctica is dangerous. Deep crevices and caverns hidden by snow, the deadly cold, the winds, are part of the danger. The team itself and their relationships only increase that risk.

JR, Daniel Rossler’s brother, adds an edge to the story. Suffering from PTSD after horrific events in the military, will he hold the investigation back or get on board and put his skills to good use. Not thrilled to be working for his brother, so far he has been on a self destructive path. Signs of the real JR, the good guy, the effective and sharp military captain, make appearances. Which personality will win out in the end?

It’s well written with tight scenes that will make you edgy as you read. It’s good to see how the various characters react, whether good or bad. You grow more fond of the characters as the story proceeds, as each member’s strength is tested.

This was the first of this series I’ve read, but I know there are more. I’m looking forward to the next. Mr. Ryan has a knack for that. He always leaves you wanting more! After reading Judgment Call, the first of his “Exonerated” series, I am looking forward to the next in that series as well.

The Audiobook

This audiobook was given to me for free at my request and I provided this voluntary review. I’m so glad I was able to listen to it! It was one I didn’t want to stop. Audio is such a benefit when you don’t have much time to stop and read. With trusty ear buds in place, you can bake, walk, shop, do whatever you like, and continue to listen.

The narrator, William Andre Gensburger, does well with the pacing of the story and variation in the character’s voices. With so many to cover, that can’t be an easy task. Hopefully more of his series will be released in audio.

While  9th Cycle is a stand alone book, you may want to start at the beginning of the series. In the tenth cycle it will offer more explanation of the cycles themselves and why they are called that. It sounds Intriguing to learn how the series began. It is not necessary though.

It is a terrific story on its own, one that leaves the reader looking for another selection. I’m off to get the first now.

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